Location: 14405 National Highway, LaVale, MD (bottom right unit of Merling Building)

Times: 6-9 pm (Friday, Sept. 6), 12-6 pm (Saturday, Sept. 7)

Ages: Kindergarten to adult

No previous theatre experience necessary.  All who want to be in the show WILL be cast!

Must be available​ for tech rehearsals and performances Nov. 17-24.

Appointments required (no walk-ins, please) --

E-mail info@actingoutforals.com to set up a date and time.

Usually in this space, we list all available roles.  We’ll do that, but in a different way.  If you're not familiar with the show, and you have a child in elementary or middle school, you might look at the roles below and think, "Hey, wait a minute...there's nothing listed for their age!"  Actually, the children's chorus in Joseph is the "glue" that holds the production together.  They will have MANY opportunities to sing and dance as the Narrator tells them this energetic, humorous, family-oriented Bible story.  Songs like “Jacob and Sons/Joseph’s Coat” will feature singing and dancing from the children’s chorus, while something like “Song of the King (Seven Fat Cows)” will be for older kids and adults to show off their vocal and physical skills.  If you’re a part of this production, you’re going to have a great time.  We find a way to feature everyone at some point.

As with our fall 2018 production of Annie, depending on turnout, we may split some or all of the ensemble into two groups, each of which will perform at two of our four performances.  We are also considering casting understudies for the roles of the Narrator and Joseph, who may be asked to perform at one of the shows.

In order to maximize our donation to local ALS warriors, there is a requirement for each cast member/family to participate in a fundraiser and/or provide a donation toward the cost of rights, costumes, sets, stage rental, etc.  Please contact us if you have questions about this before you audition.


The audition will take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  Everyone will first be taught a short dance as part of a group.  Next, elementary-aged children in the group will sing scales with the music director to determine their ranges.  They will not need to prepare a solo piece as all of them will be part of the children’s chorus, which is all group singing and dancing.  Then anyone from middle-school through adult who is auditioning for the ensemble will sing scales (also no solo piece required).  Middle-school kids will be cast in either the children's chorus or other groups as needed.  Anyone who is auditioning for a specific role listed below will sing scales and should also prepare approximately 30-60 seconds of a song of their choosing to perform for the creative team.  You may bring piano sheet music or sing a capella (no pre-recorded tracks, please).  If the role you want requires specific characterization (e.g. Pharaoh, Reuben, etc.), we may ask you to speak or sing something in that style.  The show is entirely sung and danced.  As a result, there is no reading component at this audition.

We create a rehearsal schedule around the conflicts that our cast members have.  We’re used to working around other activities like sports, after-school classes, job schedules, etc., but please note that because of the rehearsal requirements for 
the Narrator and Joseph, it is expected that anyone auditioning for those roles will have relatively open availability and will make the show a top priority, as their presence at practices is required for almost every scene.


NARRATOR (FEMALE) : Tells the story to the children’s chorus and the audience.  Strong vocals and versatility of styles are a must, dancing ability also preferred.  Range: Soprano.  Age: Teens to adult.

MALE) : Favorite son of Jacob, sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers, becomes Pharaoh’s dream interpreter and right-hand man.  Strong vocals and dancing ability required.  Range: Tenor.  Age: Late teens to early 30s.

MALE) : Patriarch of the clan.  Good characterization and singing abilities required, dancing will be minimal.  Range: Baritone/tenor.  Age: 40s to 70s.

MALE) : Ruler of Egypt.  Must be able to impersonate and sing in the style of Elvis Presley (at any stage of his career).  Range: Baritone/tenor.  Age: 20s to 50s.

MALE) :Reuben [soloist in “Those Canaan Days,” requires ability to perform in outrageous French accent]; Simeon [soloist in “One More Angel in Heaven,” requires ability to perform in country/western style]; Judah [soloist in “Benjamin Calypso,” requires ability to sing in calypso style]; Levi; Naphtali; Issachar; Asher; Dan; Zebulon; Gad; Benjamin [the youngest, framed for stealing from Pharaoh].  Will consider females willing to be cast in male roles.  Group singing and dancing required.  Ranges: Baritone/tenor.  Ages: Teens to 40s.

MALE) : Rich Egyptian who buys Joseph and entrusts him with some of his business.  Angered when Joseph seems to betray him and throws Joseph in jail.  Character role that requires physical acting more than any other talent.  Range: Baritone.  Age: 30s to 60s.

FEMALE) : Unfaithful to her husband and has her eyes on Joseph.  Dancing and physical acting abilities required more so than vocals.  Range: Alto/mezzo.  Age: 20s to 50s.

MALE, will consider FEMALE) : Two prisoners in Joseph’s jail cell who ask him to interpret their dreams.  Range: Baritone/tenor.  Age: Teens to adult.

JACOB'S WIVES (FEMALE) : One needs to be a soprano for a wordless solo during "One More Angel in Heaven."  Ranges: Alto to soprano.  Ages: Teens to adult.

Various briefly-seen roles/solos include CAMELS, QUEEN VICTORIA, SPHINX, ISHMAELITES, and ADORING GIRLS.

FEMALE and MALE) : The youngest members of the show who hear the story from the Narrator and participate in the singing and dancing for several songs.  Ages: Kindergarten to middle school.